Blomqvist Dynastie

A Random Legacy Challenge



Marital Status: Couple

Your heir must obtain a romantic live-in partner. They do not have to be married.


Children: 3

Primary Career: Doctor


Secondary Career: Business (Business Tycoon)


Generational Goal: Collector

Your heir, spouse, helpers and children must complete and display one of the collections. All items must be found or grown that generation, and for plants you may not use seeds from previous generations… find your own! If you already completed part of a collection in a previous     generation, you can choose that collection, but you must collect the objects you already have again with a sim from this generation. Collections and display requirements are as follows: Frogs     (Anything), Gardening (Must be planted and grown to maturity, may be of any quality. May not be grafted into tomato/onion/basil plants to count as all three, you must have one plant for each collectable.), MySims Trophies (Anything), Metals (Anything), Crystals (Anything), Elements (Elemental Display Rack), Postcards (Bunchapals Postcard Corkboard), Fossils (Anything), Microscope Prints (Anything), Space Prints (Anything), Aliens (Anything), Space Rocks (Anything), or Fish (Any combination of bowls and mounting).

Miscellaneous Fun: Runs in the Family

Pick a trait from your heir (not a bonus or reward trait). Every child born to your heir must take this trait at the earliest opportunity.

  • Kind 1: Check!
  • Kind 2:
  • Kind 3: